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How to Increase Private Party Reservations at your Activity Venue

Reading time: 2 minutesFeb 3, 2022

Do you want to sell more birthday parties, corporate events, and social gatherings at your eatertainment venue? 

It may be time to consider using an online reservation system that powers party bookings. Turn on the jets to more party bookings with these 3 tips:

1. Give your guests a way to book online

You are leaving money on the table when a guest goes to the party page of your website and is told to call a number or fill out a form to get more info. The overwhelming majority of party planners are digital natives who prefer contactless experiences and are ready to buy on your site. By introducing another hurdle (like calling), you are lowering the chance of converting a website visitor into a paying guest. Your sales team can be better utilized by seeking new business instead of answering calls that could be addressed online.

2. Make it easy to decide

In addition to giving guests the ability to book online through a reservation system, it’s also important not to overcomplicate the decision-making process – think choosing a movie on Netflix 🤯. Consider the types of events you normally host at your venue, then create a party package for each one. A package named “Kids Birthday” would resonate with a mom looking for the perfect place to host her kid’s party. Similarly, an assistant tasked with organizing a company outing would be thrilled to see a “Corporate Gathering” party package available for purchase. To avoid any confusion in the booking process, list out everything that each package comes with. 

3. Does it work on mobile?

You’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again. Every year more and more online traffic takes place on mobile devices. This means that everything you do on your website needs to be optimized (if not even better) for mobile. If your mobile experience falls flat, you will miss out on bookings from people who are on the go. Think about guests wanting to book while in transit, in waiting rooms, or simply sitting too far from their laptop.

If you’re serious about increasing party bookings at your venue, REX can help!

REX goes to Bowl Expo 2021

Reading time: 2 minutesJul 6, 2021

The International Bowl Expo is the premier tradeshow for all things bowling. After a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Bowl Expo resumed in Louisville, Kentucky for a jam-packed and energetic few days. REX attended as a first-time exhibitor in booth 613 and had the opportunity to meet many of the industry’s movers and shakers.

It was an eventful week as we chatted with bowling proprietors from across the country and listened carefully to the ins and outs of their business. It was inspiring to see many bowling centers that were closed for much of the pandemic collaborating and looking for ways to bounce back stronger than before. There seemed to be a general consensus for many venues that a shift towards a more digital presence was necessary. Bowling Centers that previously did not offer reservations now understand the importance of generating cash flow,  minimizing no-shows, and giving guests the flexibility to plan ahead of time.

It was a full family event when the parents of founders Kevan and Joshua stopped by the booth.

Like most others, the bowling industry took a hit during the pandemic; but regulars are finally starting to flock back to the alleys. Although still not back to 100%, industry experts are targeting September as the month where casual bowlers (who skew older) will feel fully comfortable visiting their favorite bowling centers again.

Two areas of concern for bowling proprietors however are staffing and generating more private events. Almost all the proprietors we spoke with this at Bowl Expo expressed that their staff feels overwhelmed and that private events and birthday parties are much slower than pre-pandemic. If this sounds familiar, see how REX can help provide ease of mind.

Tripleseat integration for event management

Reading time: 3 minutesFeb 26, 2021

In case you haven’t heard, Tripleseat is the leading web-based event sales and management platform in hospitality. They work with over 55,000 event sales managers and 5,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. If your venue hosts events, chances are you go through Tripleseat.

When evaluating integration partners for REX, Tripleseat was first on our list. We needed to make sure our reservation system worked seamlessly with Tripleseat since so many of our customers also used Tripleseat. Our goal was to give venues and their guests a seamless way to make a reservation or submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) without having to figure out which to choose.

What was the problem?

Most venues have two different systems for guest reservations and private events. Usually it works like this:

  • Click here for reservations
  • Click here for private events

Typically private events are meant for larger groups, say 8 or more people and general reservations are for smaller groups. But guests don’t really have a way of knowing this in advance. They just want to visit your venue. 

This disjointed system broke the guest experience into two and made it confusing to know exactly what to choose. If a group of 9 wanted to come in for dinner and a game, but didn’t consider themselves a “private party” it was especially confusing.

We needed to create a way for guests to have one path and not have to make a decision between reservations and events.

Enter REX + Tripleseat integration

Switch back and forth between reservations and events

As part of our reservation process, we simply ask the guest how many people in their group. If they enter 9+, the system automatically takes them to a RFP form which is directly connected to Tripleseat. If they enter 8 or fewer, they can make a reservation right then and there.

The best part is, the threshold for private events is completely customizable. If your venue takes reservations up to 10 people, you can set that.

If you have multiple locations with different rules, this setting is customizable for each location.

See how easy it is to submit a private event request?

Private Events form being completed
This form is synced with Tripleseat

Integrations for reservations

In addition to our integration for private events we also built one for regular reservations. We noticed that some venues relied on Tripleseat for both reservations and private events and we didn’t want to leave them hanging. With this integration, venues can choose to send details from traditional reservations into Tripleseat.

It works like this:

  • Guest makes a reservation for 4 people to bowl
  • Guest pays for the reservation up front using REX
  • Reservation name, time, and total spend are all synced directly with Tripleseat instantly

Check out our partner page on Tripleseat to learn more about how REX + Tripleseat can help your venue.

Want to learn how REX can increase online reservations for your venue? See a demo here.

Lucky Strike Entertainment – Case Study

Reading time: 3 minutesFeb 16, 2021

Lucky Strike Uses REX Across 16 Locations To Increase Online Reservations by 145%

As one of the most recognized bowling lounges in America, Lucky Strike Entertainment has 16 locations across 10 states. Serving as a hub for fun, Lucky Strike has evolved by adding a gastro-focused menu of food and drinks as well as an array of entertainment options. 

Lucky Strike Needed a Reservation Platform to Increase Conversions for Lane Reservations

Lucky Strike believed there was an opportunity to double revenue from individual lane reservations. When Lucky Strike first started out, online reservations accounted for a small portion of their sales while private events took the lions share.

Some of the main issues with the platform were:

  • There was a design disconnect with the website and the checkout flow. Customers would often feel like they reached the wrong page.
  • The checkout took too long leaving many people to exit the flow before checking out.
  • Staff was spending too much time managing each venue.
  • Availability was not real time and had to be updated weekly

This is what it looked like:

Lucky Strike chose REX to provide a robust solution

We worked closely with Lucky Strike to create a solution that supports the company’s goals. We started by taking a customer-centric approach and understanding some of the pain points in the reservation process. After months of industry research and testing we were excited to deploy REX for Lucky Strike Entertainment. The new and improved reservation platform solved all the previous issues they were facing:

Better Design
Customers expect brand consistency and fluid design. We provided Lucky Strike with a theme editor that allows branding elements like logos, colors, and lifestyle photography to be uploaded.

Simplified Customer Journey
Previously Lucky Strike had 2 main call-to-action buttons on their website; “Book a Party” and “Reserve a Lane”. We eliminated the confusion and directed guests to 1 place.

Less Time Managing
We gave venue managers the tools to efficiently manage each venue. Our admin dashboard gives Lucky Strike staff a live look at reservation status, allows for building multiple schedules, and the ability to auto-charge no-shows.

By the Numbers. Lucky Strike Lane Reservations Go Through the Roof

After we rolled out REX for Lucky Strike we noticed some incredible improvements both in conversion and time spent managing.


Conversion Rate Increase


Additional Revenue per reservation


Hours per week using admin dashboard

Interested in learning how REX can increase online reservations for your bowling or activity based venue? See a demo here.

The REX Philosophy

Reading time: 2 minutesFeb 1, 2021


Create more fun by connecting people to unique experiences.

Created by brothers Kevan & Joshua Sadigh, REX was built with a simple mission: To create more fun by connecting people to unique experiences.

We want to expand the options for people to gather with friends and create memorable experiences. To us, this means reducing the barriers for people to plan events and make reservations.

REX was created to simplify the reservation and party planning process for activity-based venues. By creating this digital tool, we aim to set the scene for millions of in-person memories across venues, worldwide.

We understand the importance these “Eatertainment” venues have in society to drive people to participate in activities that promote in-person human connection and we are here to help facilitate more of it.


Every physical venue has the tools to succeed in the digital world.

2020 was extremely tough for the hospitality industry as COVID-19 caused several months of closures, new rules and health regulations.

Venues that relied mostly on walk in business had their hands tied. With no way to generate revenues digitally, many were forced to shut down.

We’re here to help venues bounce back by providing venues the tools to thrive in a mostly digital world.


A few of the core values we believe in.

  • Have more Fun
  • People should hang out in person
  • Simplicity through Design
  • Integrity. Always be honest
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Focus on the guest experience
  • Partners not customers

We promise to never take short cuts and to always place the guest experience above all.

If our core values are aligned and you want to learn how REX can increase online reservations for your venue you can see a demo here.