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The REX Philosophy

Reading time: 2 minutesFeb 1, 2021


Create more fun by connecting people to unique experiences.

Created by brothers Kevan & Joshua Sadigh, REX was built with a simple mission: To create more fun by connecting people to unique experiences.

We want to expand the options for people to gather with friends and create memorable experiences. To us, this means reducing the barriers for people to plan events and make reservations.

REX was created to simplify the reservation and party planning process for activity-based venues. By creating this digital tool, we aim to set the scene for millions of in-person memories across venues, worldwide.

We understand the importance these “Eatertainment” venues have in society to drive people to participate in activities that promote in-person human connection and we are here to help facilitate more of it.


Every physical venue has the tools to succeed in the digital world.

2020 was extremely tough for the hospitality industry as COVID-19 caused several months of closures, new rules and health regulations.

Venues that relied mostly on walk in business had their hands tied. With no way to generate revenues digitally, many were forced to shut down.

We’re here to help venues bounce back by providing venues the tools to thrive in a mostly digital world.


A few of the core values we believe in.

  • Have more Fun
  • People should hang out in person
  • Simplicity through Design
  • Integrity. Always be honest
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Focus on the guest experience
  • Partners not customers

We promise to never take short cuts and to always place the guest experience above all.

If our core values are aligned and you want to learn how REX can increase online reservations for your venue you can see a demo here.