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How to Increase Private Party Reservations at your Activity Venue

Reading time: 2 minutesFeb 3, 2022

Do you want to sell more birthday parties, corporate events, and social gatherings at your eatertainment venue? 

It may be time to consider using an online reservation system that powers party bookings. Turn on the jets to more party bookings with these 3 tips:

1. Give your guests a way to book online

You are leaving money on the table when a guest goes to the party page of your website and is told to call a number or fill out a form to get more info. The overwhelming majority of party planners are digital natives who prefer contactless experiences and are ready to buy on your site. By introducing another hurdle (like calling), you are lowering the chance of converting a website visitor into a paying guest. Your sales team can be better utilized by seeking new business instead of answering calls that could be addressed online.

2. Make it easy to decide

In addition to giving guests the ability to book online through a reservation system, it’s also important not to overcomplicate the decision-making process – think choosing a movie on Netflix 🤯. Consider the types of events you normally host at your venue, then create a party package for each one. A package named “Kids Birthday” would resonate with a mom looking for the perfect place to host her kid’s party. Similarly, an assistant tasked with organizing a company outing would be thrilled to see a “Corporate Gathering” party package available for purchase. To avoid any confusion in the booking process, list out everything that each package comes with. 

3. Does it work on mobile?

You’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again. Every year more and more online traffic takes place on mobile devices. This means that everything you do on your website needs to be optimized (if not even better) for mobile. If your mobile experience falls flat, you will miss out on bookings from people who are on the go. Think about guests wanting to book while in transit, in waiting rooms, or simply sitting too far from their laptop.

If you’re serious about increasing party bookings at your venue, REX can help!