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Tripleseat integration for event management

Reading time: 3 minutesFeb 26, 2021

In case you haven’t heard, Tripleseat is the leading web-based event sales and management platform in hospitality. They work with over 55,000 event sales managers and 5,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. If your venue hosts events, chances are you go through Tripleseat.

When evaluating integration partners for REX, Tripleseat was first on our list. We needed to make sure our reservation system worked seamlessly with Tripleseat since so many of our customers also used Tripleseat. Our goal was to give venues and their guests a seamless way to make a reservation or submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) without having to figure out which to choose.

What was the problem?

Most venues have two different systems for guest reservations and private events. Usually it works like this:

  • Click here for reservations
  • Click here for private events

Typically private events are meant for larger groups, say 8 or more people and general reservations are for smaller groups. But guests don’t really have a way of knowing this in advance. They just want to visit your venue. 

This disjointed system broke the guest experience into two and made it confusing to know exactly what to choose. If a group of 9 wanted to come in for dinner and a game, but didn’t consider themselves a “private party” it was especially confusing.

We needed to create a way for guests to have one path and not have to make a decision between reservations and events.

Enter REX + Tripleseat integration

Switch back and forth between reservations and events

As part of our reservation process, we simply ask the guest how many people in their group. If they enter 9+, the system automatically takes them to a RFP form which is directly connected to Tripleseat. If they enter 8 or fewer, they can make a reservation right then and there.

The best part is, the threshold for private events is completely customizable. If your venue takes reservations up to 10 people, you can set that.

If you have multiple locations with different rules, this setting is customizable for each location.

See how easy it is to submit a private event request?

Private Events form being completed
This form is synced with Tripleseat

Integrations for reservations

In addition to our integration for private events we also built one for regular reservations. We noticed that some venues relied on Tripleseat for both reservations and private events and we didn’t want to leave them hanging. With this integration, venues can choose to send details from traditional reservations into Tripleseat.

It works like this:

  • Guest makes a reservation for 4 people to bowl
  • Guest pays for the reservation up front using REX
  • Reservation name, time, and total spend are all synced directly with Tripleseat instantly

Check out our partner page on Tripleseat to learn more about how REX + Tripleseat can help your venue.

Want to learn how REX can increase online reservations for your venue? See a demo here.