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REX is a simple, elegant, and secure reservation platform for activity based venues. Making a paid reservation has never been so seamless.

💨 Fast Checkout

Fast checkout means more checkouts. We use a minimalist design approach to display only the most relevant info.

🎨 Your Branding

Upload your logo, select brand colors and add lifestyle photography with the click of a button.

🎉 Party Packages

Maximize group reservations and offer bundles for parties, corporate events, and other social gatherings.

🧑🏻‍💻 Admin Dashboard

Real-time analytics plus daily reservation reports, venue specific settings, one-click integrations, and more tools that make managing your venue a breeze.

🗓 Multiple Schedules

We understand that your venues may have different operating hours. Set venue specific schedules using our Venue Settings editor.

🤑 Dynamic Pricing

Set different prices for different times of the day. Perfect for happy hour, promotions, or demand-based pricing.

🔛 COVID Controls

Space out reservations and provide guests with up-to-date information about your venue’s COVID policies and cleaning practices.

⚙️ Integrations

We integrate with all the tools your venue is already using. This ever-growing list includes Tripleseat, SevenRooms, Heartland Payments, Bookeo, and more.

💳 Auto charge no shows

Save time managing by auto-charging no shows

🆓 Free Updates & Backups

Sharing is caring. We will share updates to our platform as our team adds new features.