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More reservations means more people in your doors

REX is a simple and secure reservation solution for activity based venues. We let your guests reserve and pay for lanes, bays, tables and more before they walk in.

Companies we serve

Fulton Alley
Lucky Strike

Reservations for activity based venues

Are you operating a bowling lounge, axe throwing center, ping pong hall, driving range, or another activity based venue? See how REX can help:

Get more reservations

Allow guests to book anytime, anywhere – 24/7. REX is mobile first and designed to speed up the reservation process to drive more guests through your door.

Open/Close<br> with 1 click

with 1 click

Set different<br> schedules

Set different

Auto charge<br> no shows

Auto charge
no shows

Daily<br> reporting


COVID<br> Controls


Top notch<br> support

Top notch

Save time managing

Free up several hours per week for your team. Switch schedules with one click and use our POS integrations to eliminate manual entry and get unified reports.

Minimize your downtime

Set different prices for peak and off-peak times. Create a single source of truth for availability and better predict your staff schedule.

Earn more revenue

Allow your guests to enhance their experience by selecting add-ons and special packages. Guests who book online spend 24% more than walk-ins and are far less likely to cancel.