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Increase online lane reservations

REX is a simple and secure reservation platform for activity based venues. We make it easy for guests to pay you before they walk in.

Companies we serve

Lucky Strike
Drive Shack
Paint n Pour

Reservations for Experiences

See how REX can help bring more paying guests through the door.

More Reservations

The better the user experience, the more reservations. Customers expect seamless mobile checkout and real time availability. Give them what they want.

Open/Close<br> with 1 click

with 1 click

Set different<br> schedules

Set different

Auto charge<br> no shows

Auto charge
no shows

Daily<br> reporting


COVID<br> Controls


Top notch<br> support

Top notch

Save Time Managing

All the tools you need to manage your venue effectively, without the extra noise.

Easy to Start

We make easy to get started. We connect with several POS and reservation systems so you can keep your existing tools. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk to try us out.